Bookkeeping Services

OnPoint Tax and Accounting provides virtual bookkeeping services (also known as remote bookkeeping) with clients located across Canada. We have developed our standard of practices to ensure timely and correct bookkeeping from the start.

We will work with you to manage the document flow and get your books back on track.

Why Do You Need Monthly Bookkeeping?

1. Stay Up To Date With Your Numbers

As a business owner, it is imperative that you have the most current numbers to determine your cash flow and profitability of your business. This will allow you make informed and correct business decisions to keep your business successful.

2. Keep On The Good Side Of CRA

By completing your bookkeeping on a regular basis and filing various tax requirements on time, such as GST/HST, Retail Tax, Workers Comp, you will save time and money in the form of potential audits and penalties and interest.

Let’s face it, life is much less stressful when you do not have CRA sending you letters to stay complaint.

3. Save Money

You may not realize it, but doing your bookkeeping once a year can actually cost more time and money. When doing annual bookkeeping, we usually find that someone has attempted to start the bookkeeping and either made mistakes or recorded the entries in the incorrect place, this will lead to more time spent cleaning up those mistakes.

If you rely on your year end accountant to clean up or finish your books, you are paying an unnecessary premium to perform the bookkeeping where a monthly plan could save you more than half the costs.

4. Better Organization

By performing monthly, or even quarterly bookkeeping in a way you are forced to gather your documents and provide them to us, or store them in a service like HubDoc. This enables you to stay organized with your accounting records when you need to refer back to them.

Again, this will save you Time and Money.

The question now is Why Aren’t You Using A Monthly Bookkeeping Service?

Some Business Owners just don’t know where to start – That is where we come in!

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Why Use On Point For Your Monthly Bookkeeping?

1. Experience

I have over 24 years experience in Accounting and providing Bookkeeping Services to clients across Canada. My job is to make your life less stressful when it comes to your bookkeeping systems. No two businesses are alike, and I will review your current business systems to make sure your bookkeeping will run smoothly.

All of the bookkeepers on staff are certified in the software we use and provide.

Our work is reviewed each month to ensure is it done correctly and to our standards.

2. Our Systems and On-boarding

We use the latest cloud based software to make this easy for clients and secure for transmitting the documents to us.

Our on-boarding system is quite simple, we have a quick phone/online meeting followed by the setup of any accounts to start sharing the documents we need to start managing your books and tax filing requirements.

If you have seen enough and want to get started, contact us now to get started.

Our Services

1. Monthly Bookkeeping

Using services like Hubdoc, Quickbooks Online or Xero, and we will take over your bookkeeping to stay up to date. This includes monthly bank and credit card transactions and financial statements.

We also provide Quarterly bookkeeping and catch up bookkeeping.

We realize some clients are just too small for regular bookkeeping such as small home businesses or rental properties, we certainly provide annual bookkeeping for these kinds of businesses.

2. Government Filings

Stay on top with your GST/HST, payroll remittances, workers compensation and health tax filings.

3. Payroll

Setup staff, generate regular payroll and perform year end payroll filings such as T4 returns and in some cases T5 and T4A returns.

4. Year End Preparation

We will ensure your bookkeeping is completed in time for your year end tax requirements and can assist with your corporate or personal returns or your own accountants.

Sectors We Service

While we generally can take on most businesses, below is a list of current sectors we are involved in:

  • Ecommerce and Online businesses
  • Web Hosting and Design
  • Service based businesses and On-Site businesses
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Software companies
  • Medical practitioners
  • Consultants
  • Engineering consultants
  • Wealth Management
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Realtors
  • Rental Properties